Wholesale Substrate Printing: 3 Things to Consider

When it comes to looking for a wholesale substrate printing partner to back your printing business and deliver for your clients, there are a literally hundreds of factors that go into choosing the company that is right for you. Luckily, that search can be narrowed down to a few key factors.


It is important to choose a wholesale printer that has a large portfolio of wholesale substrate printing and proof of experience. How many formats and types of print services do they offer? Do they print in the format you need? Do they have working examples? What major businesses use their services? These are all important questions to ask when looking into a wholesale print service provider. You want a versatile company that can do anything you throw at them!

Not only do you want a company that offers a wide variety of services, but you want one that is professionally staffed. From customer service to knowledgeable prepress personnel and print managers, you need a company that knows what they’re talking about so they can help you every step of the way.


Quality is one of the most important factors when choosing a wholesale substrate print service provider. When looking at a company’s examples, examine them carefully and look for any imperfections and inconsistencies between each. Not only do the prints themselves need to be top notch, but are the materials up to snuff?

A good print job is only as good as its material. Sub-par materials will not hold up to the rigors of nature or human contact. From start to finish, the product needs to be printed well and packaged in quality materials to protect the finished print. Unfortunately, good products don’t just print themselves. A high quality wholesale printer will be one that invests in only the best facilities and printing equipment to ensure that every job exceeds the customer’s expectations.


At Grand Image, Inc. we truly are in a class of our own. Many other print shops may say they’re wholesalers. In reality that’s not their main focus, and many times they are marketing to end users as well. An important thing to look for is a company that focuses solely on wholesale to streamline jobs and maximize output. Such a printer makes it easier for their clients to manage projects efficiently.

If you are interested in a wholesale partner for your substrate printing needs, please contact us and learn what we can do for you! We always offer FREE price quotes on any job, big for small. We look forward to working with you!

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