What’s the Big Deal about Grand Format?

What do you do when your sign shop customers or print brokerage clients have something larger-than-life to tell or show the world? You look for a wholesale grand format printer that can help you execute the biggest of the big when it comes to visuals. Grand Format, or large format printing, is hot with marketers because its sheer size makes a statement that goes beyond bold.

Let’s look at a few examples to see why grand format is such a big deal.

Mobile marketing. You could stick a small magnetic sign on the side of your delivery vehicles, but it won’t be easy to see or read rolling along the road or in congested traffic. Grand format lets you transform trucks of any size into 360o billboards that are beautiful, unique and eye-stopping.

Truck wrap #27


Signage that beautifies. A concrete wall is cold and blah. Dress it up with a wallscape and it instantly becomes a colorful, interesting promo for what’s inside. You can do that with grand format.

Concrete signage #15

Backlighting. Think this technique is only for basic business signage? Think bigger! This enormous photo of the Boys of Summer in their dugout is so cool, you feel as if you’re really there.

Boys of summer backlighting #23

Drama. Who says display signs have to have straight edges? Sure grand format allows you to print huge billboards or banners, it’s true, but check out this round beauty, hung overhead for everyone to see. Talk about impact!

Round celtics drama #10Set the stage. Forget the screens with projected images. With large format printing, you can create truly distinctive backdrops that look fantastic from every angle. Backdrops can also transport your audience to a new location – if you’ve watched the Republican presidential debates, the candidates appear to be standing in front of Air Force One. Stage banners #2


Turn “the usual” into something unusual. With grand format, you can create a simple 10×10 tent canopy that depicts your visuals uninterrupted by seams. Or you can create a stunning canopy the size of a hangar.

Canopy #6

Canopy #7











You get the idea. And these are just examples. When your customer needs to “go big,” you need to go with grand format. Get started today by requesting your quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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