What Substrates Are Best for Grand Format Printing?

Foam flooring fabric printing

Grand Image has it all.

These days you can find an almost limitless array of fabric and vinyl suitable for digital fabric printing, even in a grand format size. Although different products come in various widths, here at Grand Image, we can print on the maximum width available for all substrates, from sheer to opaque, up to 196”. With that kind of versatility, print shop owners and print brokers turn to us first when their customers need indoor or outdoor ultra-large visuals for retail, trade shows, events, or corporate interiors.

Which materials are right for your next printing job?

13oz Vinyl

This robust and scrim-reinforced vinyl is our standard vinyl substrate. It’s available with a matte or gloss finish or a black back for greater opacity. It is a great choice for indoor graphics; it is also strong and pliable enough for billboards and building wraps.

15oz Smooth Blockout Vinyl

This double-sided, smooth-surfaced vinyl offers a poster-like look and feel, but it’s tear-resistant. We recommend it for indoor applications only.

18oz Blockout Vinyl

While this vinyl’s 1000 denier is beyond the requirements for most jobs, if your application will have to withstand harsh weather, this is the substrate for you. We can print double-sided on the same piece of material.

15oz Backlit Vinyl

This strong scrim vinyl is ideal for large outdoor light boxes and similar applications.

8oz Mesh Vinyl

Mesh eliminates the need for wind vents that detract from your graphics. This fabric is often used for outdoor events and fence graphics surrounding construction sites.

90/10 Mesh Vinyl

With a tighter weave, this mesh works well for indoor graphics without losing your message in the holes. It’s also a great choice for building wraps and other large outdoor applications, providing superior durability even where the wind is a factor. Images must be mirrored for double-sided printing on the same piece of material.

Powerstretch Fabric

This heavy-weight stretch fabric provides good opacity and excellent color definition in addition to wrinkle resistance. We recommend it for pop-up trade show booths.

Heavy Knit Fabric

This is another heavy-weight knit fabric that provides moderate opacity, good color definition, and wrinkle resistance.

Knitted Flag Fabric

This is the go-to fabric for outdoor banners and flags.

SunShade Fabric

This versatile fabric offers excellent depth of color and detail along with long-term outdoor durability. It is ideal for pole banners, awnings, and other outdoor advertising.

Ultrasheer Fabric

Do you need see-through materiasl for retail windows or tradeshow displays? This fabric provides a sleek, clean, and transparent look.

Semi-Opaque Fabric

This tightly woven three-layered fabric delivers excellent print quality and opacity.

Blockout Fabric

This fabric is tightly woven with a layer of black fabric in the middle. It is completely opaque and produces outstanding print quality, making it an excellent choice for double-sided printing.

Hercules Fabric

This is a textured fabric that produces extremely vibrant color and definition.

Eco Soft Knit Fabric

Made from recycled materials, this fabric produces the superior definition you need for signs, banners, and trade show exhibits.

Soft Knit Fabric

Economical and versatile, this fabric is commonly used for table drapes and budget-friendly applications.

Black Back Fabric

A favorite in the tradeshow space, this fabric is most commonly used in silicone edge graphic (SEG) frames for total opacity.

Poplin Fabric

This fabric hangs flat like a poster. It is very common for single-sided hanging signage.

We can bring your vision to life. Contact us today for more information about our large, grand format, and 3D printing. Let’s work together to create something incredible.

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Foam flooring fabric printing
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