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What is Grand Format Printing?

Grand Format Printing Defined

Grand format printing involves any printable material from about seventy inches wide up to more than one hundred inches wide. Grand format printing is big… and, when executed with style & color, your message’s impact is BIG, too!

Due to it’s superior consumer impact, demand for grand format printing has grown on a nearly exponential scale. So, too, have your choices in large format printing grown, with options like dye sublimation printing and direct to substrate printing.

Grand and Large Format Printing Uses and Benefits

Grand format printing is ideal for banners and fabric printing. Advertising and creating awareness are best achieved with huge colorful banners on large printed papers or fabrics.

Applications include:

Looking for some ideas? Click here and check out our grand format printing portfolio. Then, make sure you download and read our handy guide on Choosing a Wholesale Grand Format Printing partner.

Grand and Large Printing Processes

Dye sublimation involves using heat systems to transfer color into plastic, fabric, and poster paper material. It is a service that enables permanent print on very large banners, and fabric signage. It should be noted that dye sublimation for grand format printing is best done professionally and using high-resolution grand format printing equipment . Direct to substrate is also among our ideal services: ideal for new billboards, display signage and construction & road signs.

Grand and Large Printing Services

Bigger is better – Grand format printing makes your message more visible. It’s even more legible and easily & quickly creates attention. Have a particular project in mind? Request a quick quote and we’ll talk it through with you!

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