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What are Environmental Graphics?

Environmental graphics are a part of daily life. If you walk into a building, there are always wayfinding
signs. Transit maps on the subway and office building directories are great examples of environmental
graphics. They are so common in everyday life that you don’t even think about them.

But we do, and here at Grand Image, Inc., we are always looking for new ways to innovate for
environmental graphics.

Most wayfinding signage is rigid, but our flatbed printer is up to the task of printing on any kind of metal
or plastic signage you need. Our latex printers are also perfect for producing any type of SAV graphics,
including backlit SAV-these are a great way for your graphics to stand out.

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Experiential Graphics

These days Environmental Graphics are more than just wayfinding. The term Experiential Graphics is more appropriate.

Experiential Graphics connect people to places. Buildings are branded, and the days of the old corporate HQ are over. Corporate Campuses are now an experience, and Stadiums are as well. Now premium silicone edge graphics are becoming a norm in giving these spaces a look that lets visitors immediately identify with the brand.

Where the old ways were primarily practical, Experiential Graphics are anything but. Grand Image is on the cutting edge of these exciting new applications.

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FAQs About Environmental Graphics

Environmental graphics are visual elements used to communicate messages in an engaging, compelling and interactive way. They're typically found in public spaces such as airports, hospitals, campuses, and retail stores.

The materials used for environmental graphics depend on the project. Popular materials include vinyl stickers, banners, wall wraps, posters and more.

Environmental graphics are often used by businesses to promote their brand or services. They can also be used to give directions in public spaces or create a sense of identity or belonging in educational or corporate environments.

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