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3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

Grand Image is a full-service provider of
3D printing and digital sculpting services.

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3D Printing and Digital Sculpture Under One Roof!

When it is time to take your campaign into the next dimension, go with Grand 3D! Grand 3D creates grand-scale 3D projects that will wow any customer. Experiential is the future of marketing. Grand 3D takes experiential marketing to the next level. In addition to 3D Digital Sculpture, we now also 3D Print.

Grand 3D employs three main applications: 3D Printing, Sculpting, and Casting. 3D Printing is an additive process where a printer forms pieces together out of specialty materials. 3D Sculpture uses state-of-the-art equipment that turns foam blocks into surprisingly easy-to-handle 3D sculptures you need to see to believe. Casting takes a traditional process and mechanizes it. We utilize rotational casting for high-volume projects to create perfect replications. 3D casts can also be precise!

Your customers always want the newest thing, and our innovative 3D products can fit into any space your clients need.

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What do we produce?

Here’s an idea:

  • 3D Letters
  • Architectural Features
  • Billboards
  • Experiential Marketing Installations
  • Historical Recreations
  • Logos
  • Mascots
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Props
  • Retail Displays
  • Sculptural Enlargement
  • Signs
  • Themed Environments
  • Trade Show Booths

How Does It Work?

3D Digital Sculpture starts with modeling or scanning. Our scanner can take an everyday object and create a ready-to-sculpt model. Models are sculpted from 8-foot tall foam blocks. Each block is then cut down using our Wire Cutter and sculpted with our CNC 4 Axis Router. Individual pieces can be joined together to produce giant, seamless creations.

Each piece can then be coated as needed. This can be as simple as painting or as complex as additional hand sculpting, a hard coat, or, if warranted, a heavy-duty polyurea coating. 

Decoration doesn’t stop at painting. We offer matte and gloss painting and clear coats—our in-house spray booth coats and paints every project the right way. The properties of the foam and these coats meld perfectly. We go beyond paint with SAV lettering, graphics, and metallic coverings for a chrome-like appearance!

The results are lightweight but incredibly durable projects that can’t help but impress.

What Can I Do With 3D Priting?

Our work is used at trade shows, product launches, talks, retail displays, and so much more. Traditional billboards are even getting 3D upgrades! Grand 3D can produce exactly what you need, from letters to logos, historical recreations, mascots, product enlargements, architectural features, life-size figures, etc. The list is almost as long as your imagination. 3D also looks great with other applications! We’ve taken SEG to the next level by adding 3D letters into the mix.

3D Sculpture allows us to make grand-scale projects surprisingly affordable due to foam characteristics. 3D Printing will enable us to make smaller, highly detailed pieces that are easy to replicate. It also allows us to combine the two, doing massive projects with highly detailed 3D prints incorporated into the design!

We have also added a Massavit 1800 3D printer to do even larger 3D prints than ever!

Want to know more? Visit Grand 3D or contact us! We are happy to offer discovery calls for anyone who wants more in-depth knowledge of this exciting new technology. To better understand the differences between Grand 3D and 3D Printing, contact us today.

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