SEG and 3D: The Best of Both Worlds!

Grand Image has always tried to innovate in the grand format print game and the launch of Grand 3D has allowed us to try even more new things. In today’s crowded market place there is only one way to stand out: be different. That’s why we’ve decided to combine our 3D foam letters and premium Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG.) Take a look at our first test using one of our large SEG frames and unfinished 3D foam letters.


Silicone Edge Graphics are perfect for this application because they the sharpest, tautest, more impactful printed graphics out there. Nothing makes a statement that a brand is high end better than SEG. It’s just impressive to see high quality graphics perfectly stretched and fit into a sleek frame. That frame allows us to take it to the next level, with fitted groves on Grand 3D’s precision cut 3D foam letters. These allow the letters to fit comfortably onto an SEG frame. Installing them is just as easy as the frame itself.


Beyond the novelty of signage customers won’t see elsewhere, 3D letters give you other advantages. First, they read larger and bolder than anything but the simplest graphics. This makes them great for trade shows as well as retail environments. 3D letters can literally rise above the competition and dominate the store or show floor. Customers have no choice but to notice them.

Second, they are durable and reusable. Because they are fitted to the Silicone Edge Graphic frame means that these letters can be used for any related campaign. When coated and painted you can expect your letters to stand up to wear and tear. With a polyurea coat they can even stand up to a sledgehammer!

In this industry you know it’s tough to stand out. Grand Image has provided the trade with the best quality graphics for decades, now we’re giving you a new way to impress. For more information contact us, or visit Grand 3D to learn more about our capabilities! The power of 3D sculpture is at your fingertips.

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