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Environmental Graphics


Environmental Graphics are a part of daily life. If you walk into a building, there are always wayfinding signs. A trip on the subway will mean transit maps and even more wayfinding signs! They are so ubiquitous daily that you don’t even think about them.

But we do, and Grand Image is always looking for ways to improve!

Most wayfinding signage is rigid, and our flatbed printer is up to the task of printing any kind of metal or plastic signage you need. Our latex printers are also perfect for producing any type of SAV graphics. Backlit SAV is a great way to make pictures stand out!

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These days Environmental Graphics are more than just wayfinding. The term Experiential Graphics is more appropriate.

Experiential Graphics connect people to places. Buildings are branded, and the days of the old corporate HQ are over. Corporate Campuses are now an experience, and Stadiums are as well. Now premium silicone edge graphics are becoming a norm in giving these spaces a look that lets visitors immediately identify with the brand.

Where the old ways were primarily practical, Experiential Graphics are anything but. Grand Image is on the cutting edge of these exciting new applications.

Environmental Graphics

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Environmental Graphics
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