Tension Fabric Structures

One of the best options for many of our clients when it comes to display signage, event signage, or trade show displays are our Tension Fabric Structures. As the name implies, tension fabric structures are constructed of fabric stretched over a rigid, lightweight frame such as plastic or aluminum. They come in many shapes and forms, from our Ecco Wall, Ally or Risers (also known as hop up/pop ups) and more to fit your display needs.

There are numerous benefits to investigating where tension fabric structures will fit your specific needs. The lightweight nature of these displays allows for easy transportation and setup. For example our Riser can be set up in under a minute! They’re also very versatile and allow for multiple fabric displays to be utilizes depending on your specific need. From trade shows to presentations and red carpets these graphics have tremendous appeal.

We’d welcome to the chance to help your design and develop your tension fabric structures, and would welcome you to contact us to begin our working relationship. We also welcome you to take advantage of our FREE, zero-obligation price quote.

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Tension Fabric Structures