POS Displays

Reaching customers at the point when they’re most captive and likely to make a purchasing decision is the entire purpose behind successful Point of Sale or POS Displays. When you need the versatility of hanging from the ceiling or sitting right on the sales floor, point of purchase displays express an direct and unmistakable message in the most pivotal of spaces.

Grand Image, Inc. is the northeast’s leader in producing POS displays that deliver on their purpose. Years of experience and a wide array of clientele and applications have given us an expertise and knowledge base that is truly unmatched by anyone… anywhere. We have the capabilities to produce signage for a nationwide chain in a tight deadline. At the same time we can produce for a small business while keeping the project under budget.

If you’re looking for quality, effective, and affordable point of sale displays, you’re in the right spot. We welcome you to contact Grand Image today and let us help you with your need for POS Displays. As always, feel free to take advantage of a FREE price quote as well.

We look forward to hearing from, and working with you!

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POS Displays