Outdoor Vinyl

The unique capabilities of Grand Image, Inc. match seamlessly with the special demands of printing Outdoor Vinyl. Our grand format printers reach widths up to 196”, or nearly double the size of traditional large format printers, which are limited to 100” wide printers. Grand format printers combined with our experienced finishing team allows us to produce billboards with speed and efficiency. 

It’s not just about size. In addition, our focus on quality and customer service allows Grand Image to produce outdoor vinyl to specifications in a shorter amount of time than our competitors. Outdoor vinyl, also known as billboards or bulletins, allow our clients to reach massive targeted audiences across different locations over an extended period of time. This rugged application is built to outlast the elements while still making a bold statement. Thus, we offer the total package of speed, quality and efficiency for these projects.

As the outdoor vinyl industry evolves, more and more clients want bulletins that not only look great, but also inflict minimal damage on the environment. For the eco-conscious, we also offer a polyethylene (PE) substrate as a responsible alternative to vinyl. As a result your customers can rest easy knowing their graphics are produced responsibly.

We’re sure that whatever your billboard printing needs, Grand Image has the solution. Simply contact us today, or get a FREE price quote to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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Outdoor Vinyl