You Can Print on Carpet?!

We hear this all the time from our new customers. Custom felt carpet printing is one of our most popular applications. It’s one that never fails to impress. Printed carpet makes a statement for:

  • Trade Show Booths
  • Live Events
  • Red Carpet Premieres
  • Lobbies
  • Exhibits
  • Experiential Installations
  • and more!

People have come to expect high quality graphics, so going above and beyond is becoming more important. Carpet is one way to do just that. Our felt carpet is printed on a robust, non skid rubber base that ensures it is safe to walk on. There’s no pulling the rug out from anyone here.

Grand Image prints carpet on our state of the art dye sublimation machines and typically cuts them to size. Carpet can also be finishes with edge binding for that extra flair. Either way when you are done your customer (and their customers) will be impressed by what’s under foot.

We also print directly onto a more traditional carpet. While printed at a lower DPI, this process allows for greater ink adhesion and color penetration. If your customer needs a heavier duty carpet, this is the application to choose! Traditional carpet does include a non-skid rubber base.

So don’t get left behind, take your message up a notch with custom non skid  carpet or direct print carpet. Learn which is right for you! Contact us for a quote or more information on this exciting application!