The Benefits of Point of Sale Marketing Displays

What is a POS Marketing Display?

POS stands for “point-of-sale”, and can also be referred to as “point-of-purchase”. It is a type of promotion that is designed to persuade customers to purchase an item during checkout at a store. Have you ever made an impulse buy while shopping for something else, or a last minute buy while checking out? If so, then you can understand the effectiveness of a POS marketing display.

Types of POS Marketing Displays.

When it comes to retailers, they have a lot of options available to choose from for POS marketing. The type of POS display that they should use is based off of what goals they are trying to accomplish. Whether it’s moving overstocked items, increasing the visibility of new items, or serving seasonal interests, there is a POS display for almost anything. Counter displays are typically small and sit right on the counter at checkout; floor displays are usually built out of card stock and can be moved just about anywhere in a store; shelf talkers are smalls signs that appear next to the product itself on the shelf; posters are used when wall space is available; and video and digital signage is suspended over customers in line. Choosing a type of POS display all depends on what the seller is trying to accomplish, and the layout of the store.

Who Uses POS Marketing?

Just about anyone can use POS marketing effectively. Restaurants and retailers are the most frequent users in order to encourage their customers to make last minute purchases. Any brands products or services can use POS to their advantage.

What Makes Good POS Display?

Most POS merchandise is created for impulse buy items, to help promote a sale, to move overstocked items, or to advertise a new product.  The majority of POS displays have a universal appeal, so when creating POS display, always remember that “eye level is buy level”. The easier it is to see a display, the more likely it is for people to purchase the product. POS displays provide the perfect product arrangement and merchandising message to customers.

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