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Dye Sublimation Printers

PrinterEvolution T3200

Grand Image Inc. has upgraded our dye sublimation with the T series. These high-speed printers print faster with deep water-based inks in the same high-definition quality as our old JV5-320S printers. It comes in the industry maximum 126″ widths at the highest resolution of 720 x 1440 dpi. The T3200 combines the best aspects of size, speed, and quick drying for increased accuracy and image clarity. What’s better than one T3200? Two state-of-the-art T3200s! Our backup JV5 has been replaced by another T Series, increasing our dye sub-capacity tremendously!

Epson SureColor R5070L

The Epson SureColor R5070L is a first-of-its-kind multi-purpose resin ink printer. These inks reduce costs without sacrificing quality and have innovative features. These include bulk ink tanks and immediate lamination. It is the perfect machine for wallpaper, uncoated paper, and all sorts of SAV. Prints up to 64” in width.

Solvent Printers

XLJet 1500

The XLJet 1500 is a tremendous digital ink jet printer capable of solvent ink printing. The XLJet 1500 can accept up to a 16-foot wide roll of any substrates and print a 4-color process at 370 dpi. This printer excels with any banner viewed at a medium to long-range distance and prints up to 196” in width.

UV Printers

Vutek GS5500LXr Pro

The EFI Vutek GS5500LXr Pro is a five-meter roll-to-roll UV printer with white ink capability. This grand format machine features Eco-Friendly LED curing and Ultradrop Technology, ensuring smaller drop sizes and more precise control. The lower overall operating costs and high print quality means better, more efficient prints for your job! Prints up to 196″ width.

Vutek GS5000R

The Vutek GS5000r is a five-meter roll-to-roll UV printer that uses premium margin applications to produce the highest image quality at billboard production level speeds. The ultra-high resolution creates excellent indoor graphics with versatility and efficiency in one machine—prints up to 196” in width.

Direct-to-Substrate Printers

DigiTech Truefire LT/X2

DigiTech’s 5′ x 10′ LT/X2 UV LED Flatbed Printer is a high-speed, state-of-the-art direct-to-substrate printer. This printer can run all day and handle 60 sheets per hour! That estimate includes loading and unloading. With True 3 Grey Scale Printing and high-quality image outputs of up to 1200 dpi, the Truefire LT/X2 will print brilliantly on your flat stock needs such as corrugated plastic, foam board, corrugated board, canvas, glass, metal, and composites.

3D Sculpting

Frog Mill

The FROG3D Frog Mill is a grand-scale 4-Axis CNC Router. Paired with state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, the Frog Mill allows four ′ diameters, eight ′ lengths of foam blocks to be sculpted with industrial strength, top-of-the-line speed, and accuracy. This power and its rotational capabilities create stunning works of 3D art utilizing various materials.

Frog Wire

The industrial strength Frog Wire is a CNC Wire Cutter that creates enormous wire-cut foam sculptures. Most often used for foam letters, the Frog Wire gives Grand Image the ability to make profile cuts into giant foam blocks with incredible speed and efficiency. Used with the Frog Mill, it reduces production time for many projects!

3D Printing

Massivit 1800

The Massivit 1800 3D Printer is a grand format 3D printer featuring top-of-the-line speed and accuracy. This 3D printer has a maximum printing volume of 57″ x 44″ x 70″ giving us the ability to print objects almost six feet tall in one piece! These high-resolution prints will impress any audience.


Grand Image 3-Day Production Guarantee

With our experienced pre-press department, advanced printing operators, and skilled finishers, we can take your project from start to finish entirely in-house.

Grand Image is proud to introduce our 3-Day Production Guarantee! We understand the fast-paced nature of trade shows and events, which is why we’re committed to providing top-quality large-format printing with a rapid turnaround time.Our state-of-the-art printing technology and dedicated team of designers, print operators, and finishers ensure your
project is completed in 3 days or less (once your art is approved).

Grand Image’s 3-Day Production Guarantee is an opt-in program designed to give you peace of mind regarding your large-format printing needs. When opting into this program, we guaranteed to finish production on any two-dimensional prints up to 1,500 square feet within 3 days, pending graphics approval and approved payment terms.