Museum Display Graphics: 3 Clever Ideas

The Future of Museum Graphics

Museums are steeped in information and education that people desire to experience. The American Alliance of Museums boasts that U.S. museums receive more than 850 million supporters annually. How much of that market is your museum or museum client attracting? In short, regardless of your market share, you’re always wanting more. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to improve not only the curation of collections but also their displays. Great museum display graphics are captivating and insightful.

One of the first and most prominent type of museum display graphics are museum banners. Due to their adaptable size, durability, and variable location placement, banners advertise to pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Therefore, designing them in a visually striking and appealing way is critical to attracting visitors. Here are three clever museum display graphics that are trending in 2016.

Historical Museum Graphic Displays

Famous historical scenes, images, and styles are incredibly captivating to onlookers. This is especially true when larger banners are used. You can build a theme with several banners, with each one adding to the aura of the event with specific canvas graphics. Alternatively, you may be able to spread a single image over many banners to create a feeling of grandeur as exterior wall murals. Either way, by using grand format printing you can successfully capture the essence of your museum’s feature exhibit.

Life-sized Graphic Museum Displays

Often exhibits contain a variety of pictures, sculptures, and items created by an artist or civilization. Visitors rarely get to see the people behind the collections. Life size banners of the artist in different poses, ages, and in various sceneries can tell a story of the person’s life as the visitors view their work. Often this offers insight on the artist’s place in life at the time of creating particular works. If the exhibit involves a civilization, life-sized banners can give patrons a clearer picture of the people and the times. Imagine how visitors may react to a life-sized banner printing of Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon Bonaparte!

Abstract Museum Display Graphics

Inventive abstract art that makes one look twice is a subtle way to spur thought and attracts people in less obvious ways. Such images and art have the ability to be imprinted in a person’s mind. Often people like to share such an experience with others, and this sparks interest in visiting your museum. The more thought-provoking the banner art, the more interest it gathers.

While the above are just three examples of how museum display graphics help promote and encourage engagement in museum, there then comes the issue of finding a partner to help develop and produce the artwork in a manner that truly reflects the extent to which the museum has curated the collection. That’s where Grand Image, Inc. comes in. Learn how to Choose a Grand Format Wholesale Printer by downloading our eBook, or take advantage of one of our FREE Price Quotes today!

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