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The enthusiasm for printing never stops

Tamir Luria began working with Grand Image in its earliest days, assisting his parents Eli and Leah Luria, who founded the company in 1996. After earning a degree and relocating to New York City, where he worked as an analyst on Wall Street, Tamir found that he was drawn back to the idea of being part of the Grand Image team in a professional capacity. In 2007, Tamir relocated from New York back to his native Massachusetts to join the Grand Image team as a customer service representative, handling client requests, coordinating jobs, and ensuring quality control. Driven by a passion for Grand Image and the large format printing industry, Tamir took on an increasing amount of responsibility in the company, eventually acting as the manager of customer service and subsequently creating the direct sales and marketing efforts at Grand Image. Today, Tamir is the Vice President – Operations at Grand Image and he focuses on quality assurance, communication through email marketing, social media integration, and website outreach. One of the most inspiring parts of working with Grand Image for Tamir is providing a breath of fresh air to a customer who had a difficult experience elsewhere. New clients in particular are surprised to find that the team at Grand Image are available to answer the phones, to offer solutions, to give great pricing, and to constantly make clients aware of production statuses. Tamir finds it incredibly rewarding to have a new client see their finished products for the first time and then call to tell him that they’re happy to have found a new home at Grand Image. “It never gets old for me,” Tamir says.

Tamir Luria

Vice President – Operations

Eli & Leah Luria


Eli Luria began working with large format printing in his first job, which was with a company called Scitex, which was a leader in printing in the 1980’s and 1990’s. When in the 1990’s Nur developed a rand format outdoor printer, Eli became Scitex’s go-to technician for the machine. Eli knew the printer in and out, and having a keen eye for marketing and business, he quickly discovered the connection between the functionality of the printer and its capabilities as a business tool. In 1995, Eli decided to combine his passions for both the technical and business sides of grand format printing and he formed Grand Image with his wife, Leah.

Our Experts

Jon Gabis

Senior Account Executive

Jon Gabis joined the Grand Image team in 2008 in the customer service department. From customer service, Jon worked his way up to project manager, a position that lead to operations manager and finally Senior Account Executive. Jon is driven by the excitement of the grand format printing industry, and is continually inspired by the ability of the Grand Image team to get projects done efficiently and well under a wide range of time constraints and other production pressures. Jon is proud to say that his team is always willing to put in an extra effort and see a job through from start to finish, regardless of how long or involved the process may be.

John Zonak

Senior Account Executive

John Zonak joined Grand Image in October 2012 as a customer service representative. John started his career as a color tech over 20 years ago and has added production manager, estimator, and project manager to list of abilities. John uses his past experience to successfully build and maintain relationships with his clients and within Grand Image.

Curtis Balko

Prepress Technician

Curtis has been transforming design creations through file preparation into final prints for over 10 years. Since receiving a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design from UMASS Dartmouth, Curtis has experienced not only the design aspect of the sign industry, but gained knowledge in production and sales as well.

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