Make Your Projects Pop

White inks might not seem like a big deal at first. We print on white vinyl so the whites are already there. White ink isn’t just about the white in your image. Printing with white inks can improve your existing prints. They can make elements pop or let you print in ways you never thought possible.

What if you can’t print on white vinyl. What if it makes sense to print on black? Or red? Or maybe you need to print on pink vinyl. Normally you can’t. But white ink makes it possible. By printing on a layer of white we can now print on colored vinyls.

The applications can get even more exotic and exciting.

White inks are used for day/night backlit printing on clear SAV. Basically, with a layer of white inks images can be printed so the colors look the same when back or front lit. Normally backlit images look over-saturated when front lit. Day/Night printing allows prints to be presented both ways.

This technique can be implemented in some fun ways. Want a logo to appear only when the backlighting is turned on? It’s possible! Need certain elements to be more vibrant? We can do that too.

We were excited when we got our new GS 5500 LXR. Once the trainer taught us some of the secrets and tricks of what it can do we were even more excited. White inks are a big part of that! They make it easier to message. Whether you need to draw eyes to a logo or improve your backlit images, white inks help sell. Contact us today to take advantage!