Grand Format Printing: Why It’s So HOT Right Now

Grand format printing, also called “super wide format”, has quickly trended into the mainstream for good reason. This style of printing creates images and text on an incredibly large scale. Any print job that measures over 100 inches wide qualifies as grand format. Walk around an urban area and you’ll find numerous examples of these prints. They are on buses, trucks, murals, trade show signs, billboards and beyond.

Why Grand Format Printing?

Numerous studies have shown that people are strongly persuaded by ads they see outside of their homes and places of employment. Researchers have determined that almost 60 percent of people have found out about a restaurant or event that they were interested in by seeing it advertised on a billboard. This, coupled with grand format high-resolution brand imagery is precisely why businesses are investing their marketing dollars in grand format printing advertisements & signage.

High-Quality Prints

The average printer doesn’t have the proper technology to create uber-sharp grand-format images. Any business or organization that wants to reach the masses on a grand scale should ally with a company with a long, proven track record in grand format printing. The wide format printers used for these enormous advertisements are equipped with a special droplet technology system that generates gorgeous images with amazing detail that can be used for an array of applications.

Here are some examples of our grand format print services:

Engage Prospective Customers With Grand Format Printing

Consider the number of ads the typical person sees on a daily basis. From TV commercials to online banner ads, newspaper inserts and beyond, we are saturated with advertisements. Some people automatically tune out ads because they are so commonplace. This is precisely why an engaging means of marketing is necessary to win over customers.

There’s no better way to capture a potential customer’s attention than grand format. Your stunningly bright & beautiful message can’t be ignored. They are large, vivid and highly detailed. Everyone from pedestrians to drivers will see your company’s large sign and immediately take in your message.

Grand Image, Inc. Will Help Your Business Stand Out

Our name says it all: Grand Image. We’re experts in grand format printing and we can help you.

Contact us today for more information about our grand format printing. Click here to get a quick quote. Or, check out our FREE Guide to Choosing a Grand Format Printer.

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