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Nicholas g
Nicholas G
I had a great experience working with them - the whole process was a breeze from start to finish. The Graphic for our store was shipped promptly and arrived right on time. Overall, they were really easy to work with and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for!
Trice alford
Trice Alford
Amazing team to work with!
Michael beyranevand
Michael Beyranevand
Recently made a purchase for my small business. Very easy to work with them. easy process from start to finish. Delivered on time and on budget. Would definitely use again!
Damian flores
Damian Flores
My first time walking into New Image Barber shop of hudson, Ma, and I will say wow what an experience that was. To first walk in the front door and to be greeted by all the barbers there and the secretary at the front desk gave me such a warm welcome to begin with. I will admit I get a bit nervous walking into a new place I have never been to before. But they left no room for me to feel that when I walked in and that alone made my wait so much better. Then to watch the barbers cut with such confidence and skill right then and there I knew I was in the right place. If your looking for a nice atmosphere while u get a cut to just feel comfortable while u wait cuz who likes to wait around a bunch of strangers really.lol New Image in Hudson Mass is that spot. P.s The cut came out amazing thanks New Image.
Miguel torrealba
Miguel Torrealba
Very well operated company!! Tamir Luria & Roxanne are very capable people, your business it's there goal. 100% satisfaction with their product and good quality materials.
Jd vick
JD Vick
I am a professional graphic designer. I have been using Grand Image for several years now to have a variety of outdoor graphics and banners done for my clients. They are great to work with and I am always happy with the end result. I would highly recommend them to any designer who is looking to have professional large format printed graphics done.
Charlie gaylord
Charlie Gaylord
I have been using Grand Image for more than a decade and they really do a great job. From customer service to shipping, I always know I can count on them to deliver on-time and for the details to be correct. I couldn't recommend them more highly!
Six flags new england
Six Flags New England
My name is Will Munro and I’m the Marketing Supervisor at Six Flags New England. We’ve used Grand Image Inc. in the past for a variety of projects from wind sale flags to large banners. I’ve worked at the park for a number of years, but this is my first year in the Marketing department and Grand Image has been a fantastic resource. They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff that has helped me out on a number of signage projects to ensure the best quality product. As I was learning the ropes in my first few weeks on the job, getting ready for the opening of our season, they we willing to answer all of my questions and offered advice based on projects from previous years. Grand Image has been a great company to use for a quick turnaround. Whenever a project pops up with a short window of completion I’ve been able to count on them to deliver. They are a great company to work with and I highly recommend them.
Fernando luciano
Fernando Luciano
save money, increase your workflow, send it to these guys to get it done for you. on the money time and time again.


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