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Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing represents the latest evolution in grand format display graphics. The Dye Sublimation Printing process allows textiles to be printed with superior color vibrancy without changing the “hand” of the substrate; in other words, the fabric feels the same after printing. Additionally, the fabric can be washed and reused because the dye is permanent.

Grand Image offers 720 dpi dye sublimation printing up to 126” wide on most fabrics, a distinction from more limited grand format printers. Due to the process involving transferring printed graphics from a special paper to the final fabric, we can transfer onto virtually any polyester fabric. We now feature a Kayo T3200 printer for the fastest, widest and best looking images out there!

Fabrics range from sheer to blockout, draping to straight hanging, front-lit and backlit, smooth to shiny. We can even print on carpet! Also, in recognition of modern preferences and needs, they also come in waterproof, eco-friendly and stretchable varieties. Consequently dye sublimation gives you premium fabric printing options for almost any application.

Our dye sublimation printing services are virtually endless. Reach out to us today for a FREE price quote, or contact us to begin the process of helping us deliver for your specific needs.

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Customer Feedback

They want to be on your team

I worked with Grand Image in the past with a former employer and I wanted to continue my relationship with them. I do trade show graphics which is a very deadline-driven industry, and Grand Image understands deadlines and the expectations of the industry. They understand whatever it takes to get done. When you work with vendors, many will give excuses when things go wrong. I like Grand Image because they’re small enough to give you a one-on-one experience but they can also turn out jobs like they’re a bigger company. I like that they want to be on your team! They want to make clients happy and it can be hard to find vendors who understand that philosophy, and they do, which is great!

David L

Quick turn-around, quality work in a timely fashion and at a good price!

I have used Grand Image for about 4 years now. It is a company that helps me with everything I need in a timely fashion and at a great price; that is why I keep going back to them. I also like that they offer of a lot of different other services. They are the company to call!

Kyle W

They have never let me down!

Grand Image always comes through! They have been a great company with a great product, and they always give fast service. They are simply excellent.

Tim H.

Great management and quality!

Working with Grand Image has been great! The project manager John has gone above and beyond for us. He arranges all of the quoting and projects for the last two years. Their turn-around time is fast and the product is quality.

Matthew B.

Reliable service helps us get things done.

The company I work for has been using Grand Image for years. They print our fabrics and banners, and help us get things done. We have never had an issue with them. If we have a problem in any way, they always help us and respond right away.

John F.