Go All Out: Banners, Carpets, Sculpture

When creating a themed environment you want to go all out. Trade show booths are getting pretty out there, so you can’t just put a table throw on and call it a day. Well you could, but your traffic will be light!

A themed environment ensures your exhibit will get noticed. It doesn’t have to be outlandish, although outlandish can help. But combining different sets of printed graphics to create unified visual messaging helps tremendously. Now you can take it to the next level with giant 3D props and really blow people away. You’ll combine the incredible stopping power of 3D with the impressive and immersive nature of themed environments.

Last year we exhibited Grand 3D at Global Shop and had a nice booth but wanted to blow it out of the water this year. We decided on a jungle theme to go along with our T-Rex head. To really bring it all together that would mean combining nearly all of our printing capabilities: 3D sculpture, dye sublimation, SAV, SEG, it was all coming together in this booth.

We originally planned a volcanic theme but found mounting the T-Rex would be difficult. We couldn’t hang it and you can’t hard mount a sculpture to a fabric SEG graphic! Our team came up with the idea of having the T-Rex peer around a tree with the head resting on the roots and went from there.

The kicker would be joining the 3D sculpture with the backlit silicone edge graphic backdrop. The body of a T-Rex was inserted so that when the head was placed in front of it, the illusion of a full dinosaur came together.

Dye sub fabrics are vital because they are printed in high definition and just have a more premium look. No nasty reflections or scrim to deal with! SEG also creates a perfect fit for the backdrop ensuring no sags or creases in show floor selfies.

From there it was time for the icing, direct printed carpet with a 3D effect rock logo, pole banners on the side and a table throw each adding to the theme.

We did add one thing off theme, because as great as themes are the point of a trade show is to sell. Grand 3D’s biggest seller are 3D letters. Letters are huge for exhibits, TED talk type events, museums, commercials, really everything. So we made sure to include them. We made them autobody smooth too!

In the end we recorded more leads than ever before at a trade show. We’d combined the greater stopping power of 3D (6x that of traditional 2D graphics) and the easier messaging of print in one blow away exhibit.

This is the kind of impact Grand Image can bring to your brand or your clients. Contact us for a sample kit or a quote today!