What is A Backlit Media Display and How Does It Work?

Backlight media displayA backlit media display is a flat panel display that uses a light source behind it. They create a compelling visual effect and enable the production of bright, vivid colors. These can often grab the attention of passerby’s and turn them into potential customers.

Backlit media displays are found anywhere from shopping malls, to department stores, to airports. However, they can also be displayed outdoors. They are an effective solution for whether you need to display important information, promote an event, or showcase a product.

Due to recent advancements in both media and digital technology, it has become easier to produce high-quality, cost-effective backlit graphics.

Material Choices for A Backlit Media Display

  • Backlit paper – very popular for short-term displays
  • Polyester/Mylar – great for creating very durable backlit displays
  • Printable film – there is a very wide variety of printable films
  • Banner – uses a very thin thread weave
  • Fabric – lightweight, easy to install, produce vibrant colors
  • Adhesive-backed vinyl – great for switching out displays frequently

Best Uses for Backlit Signs

  • Bus stop ads
  • Movie theater posters
  • Hospital entrance signs
  • Mall directory signs
  • Food menus at fast-food restaurants
  • Upcoming events at theaters

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