A Huge Addition to Our Printer Lineup

Last year we upgraded our dye sub printers, this year we are adding to our Grand Format vinyl printing capabilities. We are excited to announce the purchase of an EFI Vutek GS5500LXr Pro printer! A GS has been the backbone of our printing line up for years, so it was only natural to add another.

Our printer lineup our printer lineup

The GS5500LXr Pro (that’s a mouthful) is a 16′ Grand Format printer with white ink capability. Previously only our flatbed printer had white ink capability meaning this adds to the variety of work we can do for you. It also features eco friendly LED curing and overall is just a fantastic machine we can’t wait to get installed! Its 8 color mode provides stunning image quality.

All of this means we have more capacity than ever before to produce for you. Whether it’s bigger jobs, white ink or the fast turn times you demand, Grand Image can give you results better than ever.

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