A Retail Display for RetailX

We exhibited a dinosaur themed booth for ExhibitorLive, but for Global Shop (AKA RetailX) we needed to mix it up. Even though our first T-Rex head was used for a retail setting, most retailers don’t sell dinosaurs. A more obvious retail prop would be needed.

The Shoe-in

We thought about 3D sculpted shelving with a prehistoric theme, but after some discussion we decided to split the booth. Half would be the experiential dinosaur booth, half would be a retail setting with a giant shoe prop. Both would try to thrust attendees into an immersive environment.

Giant props are perfect for retail settings because they take customers off guard. Whenever you can get a customer to stop thinking and worrying you have a chance to get them to buy.

The dinosaur is an extreme example of that with a giant 3D shoe being more relatable. It would also show off some of our most sought after project traits:

  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Complex Shapes
  • Product Enlargements

It was still challenging, the undercuts required for the toe meant our team spent time hand sculpting after the CNC 4 Axis router had done its thing. However, to turn a block of foam into a giant red stiletto heel took just over a week. You can see the quality for yourself! If you’ll be in Chicago for Global Shop stop in at Booth 3962 and see for yourself. Or visit our Grand 3D website to see more!

3d environment 3d environment
3d environment 3d environment
3d environment 3d environment