9 Essential Traits of a Grand Format Printing Partner

If you’re a print shop owner, sign shop owner, or printing broker, you know all commercial printing companies are not alike. And when projects scale up so large they can wrap a building – grand format size – differences become more apparent than ever. That’s why you need to know what to look for in a Grand Format Printer.

We aren’t just talking about visual quality. Grand format digital printing is more complex in every way – literally a bigger challenge. It takes true expertise to produce superior results.

Whether you’re looking for help with your first grand or large format printing project or you’re considering changing printing partners to boost your bidding competitiveness, there are specific traits you should look for. We’ve put together this checklist you can use to evaluate and compare prospective grand format digital printers.

  1. Versatility. The best grand format printing partner is one who can do it all, no matter what type of super-sized project you have in mind. They use the latest printing techniques. They can print on a vast variety of fabrics as well as direct-to-substrate on different types of plastic and metal surfaces. Also, they can handle the widest materials available – up to 196”.
  2. Complementary products and services. You want a grand format specialist, but one with wider capabilities too.  That partner can produce companion products in large format, simplify projects by providing trade show hardware along with the graphics, etc. Convenience saves time and money.
  3. State-of-the-art production equipment and processes. Need we say more?
  4. Wholesale-only. A printer who sells only to the trade has deliberately chosen to serve a single audience – print shops and brokers like you. Consequently, it lets them do that supremely well. End-users are a different breed of customer than those within the industry. A wholesale-only printer will happily to let you handle the end-users while they concentrate on helping you do that brilliantly. You and your customers both benefit from their “been there” expertise and lower wholesale pricing.
  5. Customer service that puts you first, including obvious dedication to going the extra mile for you. Little things add up to big value, for you and your customers.shutterstock_182986163
  6. Communication that never leaves you wondering. An account executive who knows your business and your challenges, and is always available when you have a question.
  7. Ability to meet impossible deadlines as if they do it all the time. Because they do.
  8. When you read quote after quote from happy customers, you can be confident you’re choosing the right grand format printing partner. Look for trade association and other professional affiliations as well. These demonstrate commitment to our industry and learning the latest trends and best practices.
  9. Budget-conscious. Price matters, so just to repeat – a wholesale-only printer can give you lower wholesale pricing.

As a print shop or broker you want to offer the most extensive line of printing options to your customers – with exceptional quality, of course. The traits we’ve described here will help you find the ideal partner. When you demand the best in a grand format digital printer, you can expect the best results and a profitable long-term working relationship.

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