Among Us is the hottest video game on the planet. Your kids are playing it. You might be playing it. Everyone is streaming it on twitch. It’s all over social media. Fan Art is all over the net. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a huge fad right now.

Our 3D manager Barry decided he needed to take it into the next dimension. Barry decided to create the most “sus” Among Us impostor possible. Our Massivit made this sizable print easy as pie. Where in our old printer this would likely require multiple pieces and days of printing, the Massivit can do it in mere hours.

One of the cool things about 3D is it connects us with the things we love. Our 3D digital sculptures have connected people to numerous brands. Now with 3D printing we can scale things down (or up!) and create all sorts of objects that let us connect with games, art, music, whatever!

You can harness the power of 3D for your brand or customers! Visit and see the wide array of applications 3D is perfect for.

Update: Barry has begun painting the imposter, take a look at all of the little details below!

3d printed fan art 3d printed fan art
3d printed fan art 3d printed fan art