3 Examples of Great Building Wrap Advertising

Building Wrap Advertising

Building wrap advertising continues to gain momentum and in return large format printing companies are innovating more than ever to keep up with demand. Building wraps are gaining steam because of their ability to engage massive amounts of potential customers in a short time. Building wraps make a powerful statement and can be used more than once, effectively becoming a portable billboard. Some of the biggest names in retail, sports, fashion and Hollywood have used building wraps. Why? It’s simple, they have the ability to captivate entire blocks of consumer traffic. Although there are innumerable examples of impressive large format printing seen on buildings today, there are a handful that tend to stick out from the crowd.

1. Transformers Building Wrap at the Luxor Las Vegas Hotel

As of 2009, the world’s biggest building wrap was a giant advertisement for “TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen.” This wrap was featured on the side of the Lux Las Vegas Hotel. It covered over 100,000 square feet of the pyramid and rose to 500 feet tall. Special lighting effects were used to enhance the grandeur of this already awesome advertisement.

2. St. James Market Building Wrap in London

The largest building wrap in the U.K. can be found at St. James Market. Installed in 2014, this huge advertisement is over 23,000 square feet in size, took an estimated 500 man hours to finish and weighs nearly 1.5 tons.

3. Powerhouse Gym Building Wrap in Savannah, GA

This creative advertising campaign came from the minds of students attending the Savannah College of Art & Design. Looming over the streets below, this building wrap features a weight lifter doing “cable fly” exercises using what appears to be cables from nearby construction cranes. This example of large format printing succeeds in using construction as an asset to enhance the value of the ad, not diminish it.

How can Grand Image, Inc help you and your clients?

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